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Innovation is as old as human race itself. From the beginning of time man has sought to forge his way through to a better tomorrow. Hence, between papyrus evolving into paper, and calculators replacing the abacus, magic morphed into technology. The human race has thus, been in a constant state of progress, evolution, and advancement, for the human minds never stop working, and the thirst to improve, never quenches.

Commemorating its diversity multifariously, the department of Computer Science and Information Technology presents the eighth brainchild of the Information Technology Exhibition and Competition, ITEC. Revolutionizing the norms of competition, and tutelage, ITEC 2015 is envisaged as a platform where opportunities will be unfolded to inspire myriads, thus, giving the best to the I.T. industry of Pakistan. ITEC 2015 brings along the triennial edition of its distinguishing factor, “CAREER TECH”. Since 2013, this eclectic element has made a huge contribution in giving an integral head start to the careers of I.T. professionals with great potentials.

It’s a coliseum of your aptitude, a quest for inspiration. Golden compass for your way forward, to the uphill battle. Gird up your lions get ready to perform. As seven stages traversed and eighth is now secured!

ITEC 2015 and the Industry Venture

From challenging technological genius to redefining IT prospects, CareerTech is an arch for gaining a direct access into the domain of technology; it is here to provide on spot employment opportunities for graduates and even undergraduates. CareerTech has served as an adjoining platform for the IT industry and its future forerunners. It aims to build a strong image in the students’ minds as to what to anticipate from the industrial sector and to incorporate basic knowledge of what is expected of them.

This year it goes one step further than its set aims and agenda. CareerTech was initiated two years back, on low scale with a new concept of pre graduation students’ recruitment in some of the reputed software houses of Pakistan. The results proved to be staggeringly satisfactory as many students were able to secure jobs in these respective firms. Read more


Muhammad Sufiyan

President ITEC


Zahid Hasan

Vice President ITEC


Fatima Ateeq

Director Registrations