Speed Programming

With brains got stimulated and keys on fire, this season, ITEC'14 invites you to an ultimate challenge of "SPEED PROGRAMMING"...

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Gaming Competition

To all the gamers who are exceedingly resolute to test their concentration abilities, knowingness and decision making competency...

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Logic Quiz

Talking about logic, there is one question that, immediately, pops up into our mind and that has perplexed people's mind...

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Security is the top most priority in any field work, nowadays. Therefore, NETWORK AND SECURITY COMPETITON seeks to ignite...

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Project and Ideas

ITEC'14 promises to be bigger and better and has already put its highest efforts to host a spectacular and grand exhibition...

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User Interface Design

ITEC's too high tech. Intensifying competence, setting the plinth even higher. Game, application and now the...

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Web Designing

If you like what you see now, wait till you look below the fold! Web designing competition; giving you an opportunity to ...

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If you want to see a master at work: *Theme in progress, we're busy animators! * Yes! ITEC brings you for the first time...

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Mobile Application

Do you have enough guts to make people's lives easier by sending a doctor at their doorstep when they feel ill...

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Embracing competition and swinging right into the grounds of evolution, CareerTech is an arch for gaining a tranquil access into the world of technology; it is here to provide on spot employment opportunities for graduates and even undergraduates. CareerTech has served as a junction of the IT industry and its future forerunners. It harbors a platform where students get to know what the industry expects from them and what should they anticipate when they want to incorporate themselves in the industrial sector. This year it aims beyond its set manifesto. CareerTech was initiated last year, on low scale with a new concept of pre graduation students’ recruitment in some of the reputed software houses of Pakistan. It yielded successful results as many students were appointed in these respective firms... Read More

Information Technology Competition and Exhibition (ITEC)

Advancement of a two wheeler into four and then the sky touching jet planes, mankind has witnessed all sorts of transformation. History says, revolution hit lifestyle when early men found fire, ever thought when did the first spark glow? Who could have predicted that the mere Stone Age "wooden tools" notion will grow into life optimization alternatives? Why was Newton lying under an apple tree, leaving behind his discovery and research? How was the Milky Way discovered, in day or night? The answer to these; when, who, why and how, did not matter, what matter is the fact, that discovery alone was never able to define the success and failure of a theory. It was the constant shift of ideas that has changed the course of our life and continues to do so. Celebrating diversity and innovation afresh, the Department of Computer Science and I.T. raises flag to the opening of the seventh successor of their heritage, Information and Technology Exhibition and Competition, ITEC. Redefining competition, inspiration and mentorship, ITEC'14 is pictured to serve as a realm where talent meets technology to aspire the I.T. industry of Pakistan. After the incredible success of new launch "CAREER TECH", this year also ITEC gives you an overwhelming start to your IT career thus protruding young talented minds in an innovative way and providing them a fast lane just at the beginning of their career. A make- believe national arena, where your skills speak for your genius. A recruitment portal sure to get your intellect paid. A bonus of inspiration to get your confidence exalted. Six levels crossed, may the seventh be yours. The host awaits the guests, let the victors be announced!

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