Data Science

Eligibility Criteria

The team should consist of maximum 3 participants.
The participant must be enrolled as an undergraduate in any recognized Institute/University.
The participant should not be affiliated with organizing or management of this event.


• You will have time limit of 2.5 hours with lunch/prayer break in between to complete your work.
• Participants will be given the Training and Testing Dataset through USB thumb drive before the competition starts.
• Participants need to submit the following at the end of the competition:
   • The predictions/results for the Testing Data in a file (CSV/XLS) using a USB thumb drive. (thumb drive will be     provided).
   • A summary which defines the approach/techniques used. These may also include any pre-processing and post-    processing techniques used.

Evaluation Criteria

• Follows standard approach to the problem.
• Accuracy
• Achieves the highest performance metric (e.g. RMSE)

Rules and Regulation

• Participants must bring their own laptops with all the dependencies installed for their selected language/platform.
• Participants will be provided with the basic stationery (sheet, pencil, pen).
• Participants can use any language and framework.
• Use of Internet is allowed.
• Internet connections will be provided by the organizers. However, participants can also bring their own internet devices to avoid inconvenience.
• Once the competition starts no participant can leave the room. If any participant leaves he cannot continue the competition.
• Participants must bring their University ID Card.
• Students suspected of cheating, in the judge's estimation, will be disqualified and asked to leave.
• No time or resources will be granted in case of hardware/software crashes.
• Participants should have a backup plan incase anything happens.

What is Data Science?

Participants will be given the challenge to work on given dataset to extract useful information within limited time constraint using various data science techniques at their disposal.

Fees: Rs. 500/person

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