Speed Programming

Eligibility Criteria

The team should consist of maximum 3 participants.
The participant must be enrolled as an undergraduate in any recognized Institute/University.
The participant should not be affiliated with organizing or management of this event.


• There will be 2 rounds.
   • Elimination round will be of 60-90 minutes.
   • Competitive round will be of 60-90 minutes.
• Elimination round will consist of a number of basic tasks which the team has to complete within the time limit.
• Competitive round will consist of intermediate to advanced tasks which the team has to properly complete within the time limit.

Technical Requirements

The participants must have enough knowledge in the following:
• Syntax knowledge
• Programming logics
• File management

Evaluation Criteria

• Proper implementation of the tasks in each round.
• Number of completed tasks.
• Total time in completing all the tasks in each round.

Bonus Points Criteria

• Proper structure and presentation of code.
• Robust solution (does not crash when testing with values outside of input set).

Rules and Regulation

• The team has to complete as many tasks as it can in each round.
• Top scoring teams in the Elimination round will move to compete in the Competitive round.
• Internet, USBs, and laptops are not allowed.
• The decision of judges will be final and cannot be challenged.
• Participants must bring their University ID Card.
• Students suspected of cheating, in the judge's estimation, will be disqualified and asked to leave.

What is Speed Programming?

It is a timed competition in which the faster and the more programs a student solves, the better his/her chances are of winning it.

Fees: Rs. 500/person

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• C/C++
• Java


• Eclipse
• Dev-C++

Speed Programming